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MonteGiorgio | Rustic & Indios Leathers

MonteGiorgio | Rustic & Indios Leathers

The Monte Giorgio Dressage boot is Alberto Fasciani’s take on the classic polo boot. He refined it for the use of every day training across disciplines.

The MonteGiorgio is a timeless look for the discerning rider that wants subtle elegance at all times. The top buckle accents the embossed Alberto Fasciani crest while the refined ankle of this boot elongates the riders leg.

Our rustic leathers vintage petina that ages like nothing else on the market. Along with our Indios leathers that are hand polished instead of “coated” like classic patent, this allows the finish to not crack and remain intact for much longer. 

All boots are made to semi custom measurements. You enter your calf measurement & lower leg height and we will make the boots to your specifications. There are no up-charges for any details chosen. 

All boots are made with a leather & rubber sole that provides all day stability. 

Colours in Order Are:                           

  1. Rustic Asport 77
  2.  Rustic Asport Blue
  3.  Rustic Asport 78 
  4. Rustic Asport 52
  5. Rustic Asport 48 
  6. Rustic Vitello 1
  7. Picasso Goya
  8. Rustic Black
  9. Indios Blue 
  10. Indios Black
  11. Indios Brown

* This Boot is only made with a square toe 

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