All of our boots come with a standard 6 month warranty from the date of reciept for manufacturing or material defects. 

This does not cover or include.

  •  Normal wear and tear. 
  • Third party modifications to the boots.

  • Over-excessive wear.
  • Any boot that has any form of sticky spray product used on it.
  • Items purchased from other distributors.

We do offer repairs in house.

If your boots are in warranty please contact us for a shipping label. When shipped please accompany a note stating the date of receipt & what needs fixed.

Boots must be sent in a proper box and clean - free from horse hair and debris. If boots are not clean when they arrive, your repair will be delayed and you will charged a cleaning fee. 

If your boots are out of warranty please email us at Info@VoxImports.com and we will send you a price list for repairs applicable for your boots.